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Little About Us

Computer Kids started in 2012, 6 years ago out of sheer passion.

Prior to be being a director here, I was, in fact, a Software Consultant.

I was away from Home a lot and being in the technology sector, I was anxious to expose my kids to technology as early as possible. Most of the name brand and expensive daycares around us didn’t have tech programs. I therefore had to forge a solution for myself that I could implement at home along with my hectic work schedule. I had to find a way to break down difficult technology concepts into simple steps that my young kids could comprehend. I did this and my kids began to do these activities with their friends and their mothers started to ask us for help. That is how the idea started.

Our world is changing so rapidly and early exposure to technology will better prepare our children for the jobs of tomorrow. It is very important to give them a head start and position them for success. All I am trying to achieve with my kids while they are still young is to plant technology seeds into their minds and make them comfortable with it, so that when they get into middle school or high school and start taking classes, they will be cool with it. This is my vision for my children and those children that come to our childcare center and most especially those parents who have very little or no exposure to technology. .

When I took a break from Consulting, I went for training in Early Childhood Education and started Computer Kids Daycare shortly after. Today, nothing gives me more joy now than to see the kids enrolled at our Center very comfortable with technology. Seeing those little fingers clutching the mouse is ecstatic. Watching them building structures and learning abstract concepts in a fun way makes my day. My own kids are helpers too, I practice on them first before rolling out to kids at the daycare.

In Computer Kids, we have a Computer Lab and have incorporated STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) in our curriculum. Words cannot even describe my joy when I see little kids working on their experiments and doing programs on the computers, it is a great reward and it is one of the reasons why we are unique and why Parents choose us!

Parents who are Engineers or Software Analysts can pass on some skills to their children at home before they even begin the school system. Most of these kids would have been exposed to some form of technology at home and when they get to the school system, would have a head start. Kids who come from low income families whose parents do not even have computers at home are automatically disadvantaged compared to the kids from technology savvy families. It is these kids; from low income or middle class families that Computer Kids daycare is setup to cater to

We start the kids at age two exposing them to science and technology. They work in the computer lab on abcmouse, they play interactive games on the Smart Panel. They play on the BEAM which turns the floor to interactive educational games. They work on Rokenbok building blocks to play construction with big blocks, and so on and so forth.

We have found a way to turn technology play into learning and by so doing are planting technology seeds into the minds of our kids. I am hundred percent persuaded that when they get to high school or college and are introduced to programing or engineering concepts, the kids will pick it up with ease based on what they are currently doing now.